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Looking For Tenant Screening in Florida?

Then our service is for you. Welcome to Tenant Screening Florida dot com. Our main focus is on individual landlords who we assist in selecting the right tenants for their property.

Our main website is TenantScreeningNow.com. We have been operating in Florida since 1991, and have owned and operated our own rental properties since 1979. You will talk to the owner of the company every time you perform a tenant screening with us. Not only will you receive the nationwide credit report information, and a nationwide sex offender search, but we search each county in Florida where the applicants resided for criminal and eviction records.

These county by county searches provide far more detailed results than the ones other companies use covering overall nationwide or statewide criminal and eviction searches. We can see if the prospective tenant is being evicted instantly after the eviction has been filed, and also arrest records are updated daily, whereas state wide checks have a lag time till the counties report to the state. Searches on a county level are also less confusing in the case of common names, i.e. John Smith. Since civil records do not show a date of birth or SS #, by using our county level system we are able to cross reference county based driving records to make sure we have the correct person.

Overall statewide and nationwide criminal checks also do not show misdemeanor arrests, only convictions and often only go back seven years. Most of the counties in Florida, however, keep their records back into the 1980's.


So take advantage of our vast experience with Florida tenant screening and also see how a good service business works.  Just click on the graphic or the link below it to check out our main website tenantscreeningnow.com and see just how well we can serve you today!



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Our Florida tenant screening service is an excellent way to evaluate your prospective tenants. Best of all, you get to discuss the situation in detail with us each time you process an application. We do not just send you the report and leave you on your own to figure out the complex details. We will spend as much time as it takes with you till you understand each report and you are satisfied with our service.

Remember, our specialized tenant screening experience here in Florida makes us the best place to check a tenant from Florida. However, we are not limited to the state of Florida since we also have access to the Nationwide Criminal reports when dealing with tenants from out of the state. We offer a one on one service, and hold your hand all through the entire rental screening process. Our main site also has free forms (leases, rental verification, employment verification), and contact information if you have any questions at all.

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